Decentralized finance. For real.

We enable BTC trading without counterparty risk with one easy and fast app.

(Note: the app is not available in the USA)


Awesome Features

10101 ("Ten-Ten-One") - is all about Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. It is a self-custodial on-chain and off-chain wallet infused with trading to unleash true trustless decentralized finance.

10101 - Decentralised finance built on Bitcoin.


Backup your wallet! Your keys, your coins.


No accounts needed, just open the app and transact without restrictions.


Powered by DLCs, trade without counterparty risk.

Bitcoin Wallet

Easily send and receive on-chain transactions.

L2 Wallet

Opening and closing positions cheap and fast with DLC Channels.


Let the application run in the background and receive trading-related and relevant notifications.

Trade without counterparty risk.

  • Self-sovereign: You are always in control of your keys.
  • Cryptographically secure: Discreet Log Contracts (DLC) guarantee trustless trade execution.
  • Built on tech you can trust: Powered by BDK.
  • Offchain-first: Settling trades over DLC Channel is both fast and cheap.
  • Fully open source: Find us on GitHub.